Visual Arts Submissions

Photography, painting, sculpture, the works.

Please email your piece to using the subject line Submission: Visual. Include your submission as an attachment (.jpg, .tif), and title your file TitleOfPiece_LastName.tif, for example:


If you do not know how to scan or photograph your work, come to the Student Media Office in the Student Activities Center, and we will help you through the submissions process.
Please include the following information as a separate word file titled “Info_Lastname”.

  1. Name
  1. Phone Number
  1. Email
  1. Year/Major
  1. Title of Piece
  1. Medium


  1. Artist Statement (~60 words)

Please submit your images in JPEG or TIFF format, with minimum 300dpi resolution.

Due to printing limitations, visual submissions may be printed in grayscale (black-and-white). We recommend including a grayscale copy with your submission.