Other Submissions

Multimedia • Installation • Fashion • Design • Performance • Comics • Games • etc. • etc. • etc.

To help better represent the state of the art at USC Aiken, we are currently accepting uncategorized works.

For works that can be represented wholly in print (fashion, comics, illustrated stories, etc.), please include all appropriate files in your submission email.

For works that cannot be wholly represented in print (performance, design, games, etc.), please include a few images (photographs, screenshots) and a succinct written description of the work. If you would like to use photographs you did not personally take, you must have express written permission from the photographer to use her photographs in Broken Ink.

If your submissions includes a video or audio component, please follow the instructions for video submissions or audio submissions, using the email subject line Submission: Other. If you have a multimedia piece and you are not sure how to submit, contact us.

Please email your piece to brokeninkusca@gmail.com using the subject line Submission: Other. Include images/photographs of your piece in .tif or .jpg format using the filename TitleOfPiece_ArtistsLastName.jpg. For example:


Please include the following information attached in a Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx), and title the file Info_LastName.doc.

  1. Name
  1. Phone Number
  1. Email
  1. Year/Major
  1. Title of Piece
  1. Medium


  1. Artist Statement†

†For pieces that cannot be fully represented in print, we highly recommend including a developed artist statement to explain the intentions and themes of your work. If you are not sure how to write an artist statement, contact us for assistance.

If you have any questions, concerns, or difficulty submitting, please email brokeninkusca@gmail.com or come to the Student Media Office located in the Student Activities Center.