See your work in USC Aiken’s award-winning arts journal.

Submissions may be sent to or brought in-person to the Student Media Office located in the Student Activities Center.


How to submit:

Please go to the appropriate link above for specific instructions.

Submissions will be sent by email to with the submission attached using the filename TitleOfPiece_ArtistsLastName.extension. Along with each piece, artists will include a Microsoft Word document containing information about their submission, using the filename LastName_Info.docx. See the links above for details.

If you have any difficulty submitting, email us at with your questions, or visit us at the Student Media Office located in the Student Activities Center. We will be able to help you photograph your sculpture, help your band record its song, or just answer your questions.

If you are unsure whether you own full copyright to your piece, contact us and we will try and help address your questions and concerns.