Early Submissions / The Workshop


Early submissions ACCEPTING NOW THRU NOV.18

If you are on the fence about submitting to Broken Inknow is the perfect time. When you submit to Broken Ink during the early submissions window, you’re able to resubmit later. That means you have time to make changes. No more lying awake in bed at night worrying; everything is under your control.

The early submissions period gives student artists a way to work more intimately with the staff of Broken Ink to prepare their work for publication. We can help you photograph or record your work, prepare a succinct artist statement, find out where to get appropriate licensing clearance, etc.

When you submit early, you will not only be able to re-submit your work, but you will also be invited to an exclusive Early Submissions Workshop.


the workshop

Students who submit early will be invited to participate in an open critique with a veterans in their field. Participating artists will have their submitted pieces seen by their respective veteran, and have an in-depth conversation about their work. The Workshop is a chance for passionate artists to challenge their own work and grow.

Participating in the Workshop is not mandatory for early submitters, but it is an opportunity to see the critique process before the final Rating Day critique. 

The public is welcome to watch the Workshop, and ICE credit is planned to be offered.


To be announced