The Broken Ink staff is composed of seven editorial positions:

  • Editor-In-Chief: The EIC manages all of the other editors, organizing files, setting deadlines, and making sure the staff functions to their highest capabilities.
  • Layout Editor: The LE is in charge of designing the magazine in its entirety.
  • Literary Arts Editor: The LAE is in charge of organizing all of the magazine’s literary works.
  • Visual Arts Editor: The VAE is in charge of organizing all of the magazine’s visual artwork.
  • Music Editor: The ME is in charge of organizing all of the magazine’s audio content.
  • Public Relations: The PR coordinator is in charge of arranging any advertising for Broken Ink as well as handling any of the organization’s outside relationships.
  • Events Coordinator: The EC is in charge of organizing Broken Ink’s events and making sure they run smoothly.

Editors keep their positions for the full academic school year. To acquire a position as an editor on staff, one must intern with the current editor of the position they are interested in for at least one semester before formally applying for their chosen position. The best candidate for that position will be chosen at the end of the term.

If you are interested in becoming an editor for the 2017-2018 school year or want more information on positions, please contact our current EIC, Anna Norris, at

Here are the current editors of Broken Ink:

 Editor-in-Chief                                     Layout Editor                             Literary Arts EditorAnna_Norris                  Haley_Dixon                Jennifer_Nichols

Anna Norris                         Haley Dixon                                      Jennifer Nichols

Visual Arts Editor                                           









Anniebelle Quattlebaum

Music Editor








Ethan Ellis

Faculty Advisor


Roy Seeger