Broken who?

Broken Ink! Broken Ink is USCA’s student-produced literary and visual arts magazine. Students’ poetry, paintings, short stories, photography, and art of all sorts have been published in Broken Ink since 1971.

What kind of work do you accept for submissions?

Broken Ink welcomes a variety of creative work. For the wizards of words: poetry, prose, short stories (preferably around 2500 words), creative nonfiction, lyrics, and short play scripts are all acceptable. For the artisans of the eyes: photography, comics, paintings, digital art, 3D sculpture, fashion sketches, and drawings are acceptable. Finally, for the conjurers of sound: we are now accepting original music and spoken word! If you have any creative work that you are unsure about submitting, feel free to ask a staff member about it! They will be more than happy to check it out as long as it is 100% original.

When should I submit?

Submitting early is highly recommended!  The early and final submission deadlines vary each year.  However, early submissions are usually accepted early fall, while final submissions are generally accepted early spring.

Why should I submit early?

When only submitting pieces for the final deadline, they are taken AS IS. Therefore, no changes can be made to improve their chances of making it into the magazine. You can avoid this by submitting your work early. This gives you (and the Broken Ink crew) time to work out any kinks in your files, in case they have been submitted improperly, or if further clarification is needed. The biggest bonus for submitting before the final deadline is that you will become eligible for the Submission Improvement Workshop.

What is the “Submission Improvement Work shop”?

This workshop is your chance, as an early submitter, to make improvements to your work and heighten your potential of being published in Broken Ink. At this workshop, you will get feedback from the editorial staff of Broken Ink: fellow students, artists, and writers. After you attend the workshop, you can resubmit your pieces by the final deadline with any alterations you decide to make. The Broken Ink crew will also be able to give assistance to anyone whose piece might not be ready for print.

What if my art/writing/music isn’t good enough to submit to Broken Ink?

Surprisingly, you are not the only one who thinks this about their work. Remember that you are your harshest critic, and we would LOVE to see your pieces! Don’t forget that we are a STUDENT Literary and Visual Arts magazine, made by STUDENTS to feature STUDENT WORK. We don’t want experts! If you are unsure about anything, do not forget that you can submit early for feedback from us.

How are pieces chosen?

Submitted pieces are stripped of submitter information and ranked on a scale of one to five, based on of a set of guidelines used to determine the artistic value of the pieces. After the scores are averaged, Broken Ink publishes the highest ranked pieces that also fit into the staff’s vision for that year’s magazine.

Who chooses what gets into the magazine?

Choosing pieces is a collaborative effort done by jurying panels made up of USCA students. These committees are made up of upperclassmen in the Fine Arts and English programs here at USCA. If you’re interested in serving on a jurying panel, let us know!

So not everybody who submits gets in?

Correct. Since there is a limited number of pages in the magazine every year, we simply cannot accept every submission. Broken Ink aims to showcase students’ work, but we also aim to be the best publication possible. That said, not everyone who submits gets in, but banish hopelessness, it’s not a reason not to submit!

I’m not an English or Fine Arts major; should I still submit?

Absolutely! There is a large range of majors represented on the Broken Ink staff, so why not in the magazine as well? English and Fine Art majors, please, SUBMIT! No excuses.

Do I get anything for submitting?

Aside from the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment you gain from being a published author/artist, there are some incentives for the highest ranked pieces. These cash prizes are provided to the winners by the Washington Group. Being published in Broken Ink is also a huge resume booster! Writers and artists alike can benefit from having their pieces published before they go into the real world to look for a job.

Do you ask for first publication rights to the literature pieces?

Yes, we do ask that the pieces you submit have not been published elsewhere.